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The top priority for owners and operators of data centers is to gain the trust of their clients, who expect high quality data center basis infrastructure services for their ICT systems in computer rooms.


Basic data center infrastructure services
The expectations of high quality for data center basis infrastructure services apply to internal ICT clients in the own organization as well as to external clients of data center service providers. The following is required for ICT systems:

  • a stable and continuous supply of electrical energy
  • a reliable regulation of the environmental conditions (air conditioning)
  • a scalable and highly efficient telecommunications cabling infrastructure
  • an appropriate level of physical and environmental security.



Demand for certifications increases due to outsourcing and cloud computing

In Europe and, above all, also in German speaking countries, the demand for certification of data centers according to recognized rules of technology, i.e. in form of an internationally recognized standard, is increasing. Both the trend towards IT outsourcing and cloud computing make it necessary that the quality, efficiency, performance and security of a data center can be evidenced by a certificate issued by an independent certification body.


Transnational standard

The EN 50600-series issued by the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) is the first transnational standard for the design, installation and operation of data centers in Europe with a holistic approach. In addition to the “General concepts” (requirements for the conduct of a business impact and risk analysis, definition of the functional elements and protection classes of the data center, definition of availability classes and granularity levels for the energy efficiency) it includes the subsection “Data center design” and the requirements for facilities and infrastructure at data center locations. Organizational requirements for the “operation” and “resource management and key performance indicators (KPIs)” are described in other parts of the standard.


Since 2012, CIS has been certifying data centers according to AN SI/TIA 942 (standard for data centers of the American National Standards Institute), and will now also certify according to EN 50600. The European EN 50600 is currently on its way to becoming an ISO standard which will then provide comprehensive requirements for “Data Center facilities and infrastructures” at global level.

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