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pixabay_Audit_4189560_TumisuAs an accredited certification partner, CIS is specialized in information security, cloud computing, IT services, computing centers as well as business continuity management. Thus organizations are provided with a large range of certification services from a one-stop shop. CIS Auditors often create enormous value for the organizations. For in the course of audits, they actively bring in their

profound technical knowledge.

As CIS Manager Klaus Veselko emphasizes, “Today leaders and managers regard recognized certifications as being a “business need” - on the one hand, for protecting the

intangible asset of the company - on the other hand, for securing a clear lead over the competitors.”


ISO/IEC 27001: Information security with a system
Security incidents, which range from global virus attacks to industrial espionage, have made people aware of the necessity of controllable and certifiable information security management systems.

ISO/IEC 27018: Data protection in the cloud
The International Standard for “Data protection in the cloud” is aimed at guaranteeing the highest possible protection of administered personal data and at minimizing the risks of contractual breaches.


ISO/IEC 20000-1: Quality & efficiency of IT services
This certifiable Standard for IT Service Management, which is unique worldwide, helps to increase the efficiency and quality of IT services and to make them measurable, optimizable and demonstrable.

ISO/IEC TR 20000-9: Service quality in the cloud
Certification acc. to ISO 20000-9 makes service quality and the availability of high-grade IT services “from the cloud” demonstrable - and secures the decisive lead over the competitors.

EN 50600 and ANSI/TIA 942: Data Centers
The quality, performance and efficiency as well as security of data centers are made visible to customers by the Certificate issued by an independent testing body - at the moment, this is being done acc. to ANSI/TIA 942, and in future, it will be done acc. to EN 50600.

ISO 22301: Business Continuity Management
Tested emergency, contingency and disaster recovery plans can be “life-saving”: All over the world, the recognized certifications for Business Continuity Management acc. to ISO 22301 are emerging as a new trend.




Advantages yield by ISO certification:


Lead: at requests for quotationpadlock

Confidence bonus: among customers and public authorities
Value added: higher business value of services
Evidencing: review made by an accredited body
Optimization: continual system improvement
Saving: of time-consuming single evidence
Legal validity: demonstration of due diligence before the court
Motivation: impulses for the employees



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