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“Our ASP solution POOL4TOOL models
ITIL processes. ISO 20000 enables us
to demonstrate ITIL conformity by

means of a Certificate.“


Michael Rösch, Chief Technical Officer



IT quality becomes measurable

Like at all ISO Management Standards, the key element of ISO/IEC 20000 is the continual improvement process. This current system optimization leads to a higher quality and efficiency of IT services. Objectives and targets and the relevant indicators, such as “customer satisfaction” or “service availability”, will be established periodically while elaborating measures for their optimization. Thanks to its flexibility, the standard is suitable for any company sizes and sectors, even for Departments and partial areas of organizations.

ISO 20000 enables IT providers and IT operators to:

  • design IT infrastructure in a more transparent manner
  • identify the efficiency of IT processes in selected areas
  • show weak points of IT processes within the company
  • activate support of the managerial level for improvement measures of IT infrastructure

Investment protection
Furthermore, certification acc. to ISO 20000 enables investment protection. Statistically it becomes obvious that investments in process optimization without continual improvement only yield short-term success. If a standard with periodic Surveillance Audits is used, this will be counteracted effectively.

A review made by an independent third party within a certification project makes it possible to make nonconformities with the requirements visible and to initiate corrective action. Thanks to this, ISO 20000 proves to be a strategic steering element.



ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 in the focus

The ISO 20000 Standard for IT Services is also regarded as being
a useful supplement to ISO 27001 for Information Security. The similar structures of the two standards create synergies and enable their modelling in an integrated management system. The ISO Standards for quality and environmental management can also be integrated. Joint documentation and audits with multifunctional teams of auditors help to save money even more.



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