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Stage Reviews illustrate ITSMS quality and the opportunities
for improvement


On what level are internal IT Service Processes, and what can you improve?

As a voluntary preliminary review, the CIS Stage Review gives information on the status and shows strong and weak points and opportunities for improvement in detail. A Stage Review will be conducted by independent CIS Auditors and is recommendable in the implementation phase for IT Service Management Systems (ITSMS). For no matter whether there are too few or too many controls, this will be unprofitable. 

Therefore, the CIS Stage Review is fit to enable objective project progress control. In order to make

an analysis of the actual state, it is depending on the company size and sector that the specific requirements, the implemented processes as well as organizational measures will be evaluated and compared to the requirements placed by ISO/IEC 20000-1. The result will be an audit report, which will assess strong and weak points as well as the concrete opportunities for improvement. A stage review includes the following operating steps:


  • Audit planning: guarantees economically efficient handling
  • Audit procedure: evaluation of requirements and strong and weak points within the company
  • Audit report: detailed report with a strength/weakness analysis and opportunities for improvement


For companies that are in a certification process acc. to ISO 20000, a Stage Review is an important milestone on the way. But in general this powerful tool furnishes excellent benchmarking for the quality

of an IT Service Management System.




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