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CIS Series of Courses:
Information Security Auditor acc. to ISO 27001


“Top instance” for information security



The Series of Courses "Information Security Auditor" is the ideal supplement for trained IS Managers. For as an auditor, you can conduct all internal audits yourself and optimally prepare a company for external audits by using the methods imparted in the course. As an IS Auditor, you are the “top instance” for information security management systems (ISMS) within the company. You will review information security for its conformity to the standard and elaborate opportunities for improvement before the CIS Certificate acc. to ISO/IEC 27001 is granted or prolonged. Internal audits stand the test as powerful tools to sustainably increase profitability and efficiency of the ISMS. CIS is accredited for personnel certification by the Austrian Ministry for Economic Affairs. This means the Certificates for Individuals are documents recognized on a national and international scale.


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The training for IS Auditors is made up of two modules:

  • psychological bases for IS Auditors
  • audit techniques

In order to be allowed to participate, you need a valid Certificate as an IS Manager. Thus a high qualification level of the auditors is guaranteed. The training opens up any kind of job opportunities in a growing market. The technical entrance examination will take place after the examination for IS Managers.



Technical entrance examination


2 hours


Psychological bases for IS Auditors*


2 days


Audit techniques


1 day


Examination IS Auditor


1 hour

* This part is covered by a training for auditors / technical auditors acc. to ISO 19011.




Please find an Overview over the CIS Training Courses ISM and ISA in this PDF-Folder.


The specific dates for local CIS Training Courses can be looked up on the regional websites. An overview over all CIS locations can be found under: www.cis-cert.com/CIS-International

Participation fee:
The participation fee for the overall course IS Auditor, including examination and certification,
differs from country to country. Please have a look on the specific regional

website that you can find here: www.cis-cert.com/CIS-International


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