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CIS Refresher for IS Managers and IS Auditors


Update and workshop about further development of ISMS: Take along “your company”

- prolongation of the personnel certificate included!



The world of standards around information security is on the move. The upcoming CIS Refresher courses will focus on the recent versions of the standards for information security ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27002:2013. Beyond that the topic business continuity management is more and more important. Therefore the trainer will deal with the correspondant suplementary standard within the ISO 27k series, ISO 27031, as well as with the BCM-specific standard ISO 22301. Also ISO 27004 for Measurement is part of the programme and sets impulses towards a culture of indicators. Besides, information security is also being improved continually in your house – new questions are topical, new objectives and targets are added. All this before the background of efficient and profitable implementation. 


The Refresher for IS Managers and Auditors covers two aspects:

Update relating to relevant innovations of the Series of Standards ISO 27k

Workshop for further development of ISMS with questions from your own work environment



CIS Trainers will be at your disposal in order to discuss case studies and requirements from your own work environment in small groups in a well-aimed manner. In this respect, concrete approaches for tackling the situation in your own work environment are in the centre of interest. Updating knowledge, exchange of experience and suggestions for practical work – just take along “your company”.

  Contents of the course:
- Further development of ISMS acc. to ISO 27001 / ISO 27002
- Requirements placed by the standards and their effective implementation in practice
- New supplementary standards, new contents of standards within the Series of Standards ISO 27000
- New methods and lessons learned by the international community
- Internal and external audits: synergies and optimizing the system thanks to structured processes
- Strategic and organizational development
- Questions about internal implementation, which are put by the participants themselves


Prolongation of the Certificate:
The validity of the CIS Certificates is limited to three years. After a Refreshing Seminar has been attended, the examination according to the training standard EN ISO/IEC 17024 has been passed succesfully and the required time of practical experience has been demonstrated, an application for prolongation for additional three years can be filed.
If a person applying for the Certificate wants to have other trainings credited, it is necessary to have the equivalence of these trainings with the certification program stated. For stating this equivalence, a separate written application will have to be filed. A presentation of the trainings completed and a comparison with the requirements placed by the certification program (IS-Refresher) will have to be enclosed to this application. Further the required time of practical experience has been demonstrated.


For reviewing conformity to the certification program and topicality of the references provided by the person applying for the Certificate, a qualification check will be made. This check is made up of oral technical discussions lasting 30 to 60 minutes and will be carried. The base is the defined content from the certification program (IS-Refresher). Certificates for Individuals acc. to the Group of Standards ISO 27000 serve to demonstrate competence as well as permanent maintenance of qualification by means of practical work and further training. CIS Certificates are Certificates recognized federally and highly esteemed in trade and industry. Here you will find information on the prolongation criteria.



REFGoals and benefits of the seminar:
Updating: relevant innovations of the Series of Standards ISO 27000
Further development of ISMS with questions from your own work environment
Exchange of experience in small groups of IS Managers and Auditors
Prolongation of the CIS Certificate for additional three years



2 days, 09.00 - 17.00



    Vienna Hotel Stefanie  


Participation fee:
The participation fee for the Refresher, including prolongation of the Certificate, amounts to € 1,380.- (exclusive of VAT).




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